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Operations Review

A few broken gears can stop the entire machine.

Leslie will examine how your team is working through editorial, production, and sales processes and determine where improvements could be made through process changes or introduction of streamlining technologies.

Financial Assessment

If you don't know how to optimize your budget, if you're struggling to account for monthly sales goals, or if you're wondering whether you meet markers for the industry's financial standards, Leslie can take a look at your situation, determine areas for improvement, and introduce best practices to utilize going forward.

Revenue Growth

Most small publishers have not reached their maximum revenue potential. Leslie will look at your existing print and digital programs and identify opportunities you may be missing out on. She can also assist in sales and training programs to help the team launch these options for your clients.

Audience Development

Leslie will help you explore marketing strategies for subscriptions, website visits, and email acquisition so you have multiple strong channels through which you can connect with your base and enable your clients to reach customers.


Effective experiential programs are essential to gaining sponsorship revenue and connecting with your audience if you have a location-based market. Through examination of an existing event portfolio or creation of new events altogether, Leslie will help you meet the needs of your clients and your audience.

New Product Development

One of Leslie’s favorite aspects of the business is the creative brainstorming involved in product development. She can bring new ideas to the table or guide you through execution of concepts that you’ve seen but don’t know how to take the next steps on.

Editorial & Art Guidance

In her time as publisher of an award-winning media company, Leslie oversaw great editors and designers. If your problem is one of aesthetics or storytelling, she can identify small changes that may make an impact or offer advice on how to secure top talent.


You’ve likely already proven your ability to produce a quality publication. Now may be the time to add print products that are an extension of your main title(s)—or offer custom publishing services to your clients for additional revenue.

Sales Optimization

Whether it’s through improvement of sales materials such as media kits and proposals or individual and team coaching of your sales representatives, Leslie can address obstacles that you’re facing in getting advertisers’ attention or closing sales.


Throughout her career, Leslie has formed relationships with numerous third-party contractors and has become adept at finding the right professionals for a job. If any of your issues are too technical for her to tackle on her own, she can help with industry outreach.

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